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We are also a NinjaTrader Addon Vendor.

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Implemented 200+ strategies, indicators, and trading tools. We are a NinjaTrader Addon Vendor and an official IQFeed partner.


Our engineers worked at top US companies so we know how to build, deliver, and maintain high quality products.


Tired of vendors that stop answering emails? With us, you will never be left alone. Free bug fixes, free email support, real-time support options.

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Connection Status Alert

Receive visual, sound, and email notifications when NinjaTrader loses connection to market data or broker for more than X seconds.

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Day Ranger

Instantly see whether a market is performing “normally” and watch the potential High and Low for the current trading session.

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Bid/Ask Volume Pressure

The indicator compares buyers vs. sellers and helps you to confirm trends from volume prospective.

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Volume Profile

Advanced charting indicator that displays trading activity over a specified time period at specified price levels.

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Chart Time and Sales

Place Time & Sales indicator anywhere on your chart. Watch bids, asks, and trades in real-time and spot big trades.

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The favorite indicator of institutional traders, invaluable for ultimate price prediction.

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