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Trading platform development

Trading platform is a much more advanced application than a mere strategy. In contrast to strategy, a trading platform may include such features as advanced GUI, extended order management, back-test capabilities, support for specific/multiple brokers and data providers, custom charting and reporting

NinjaTrader is a platform, eSignal is a platform, MultiCharts and TradeStation are also trading platforms. Of course, building something like those ones would require literally million(s) of dollars. Nevertheless building a very lite, tailored for your specific needs version is possible.

If you are a small/medium business then a bare strategy may feel too limited for you. You may need an all-inclusive solution that would combine multiple concepts like trading, back-testing, reporting, charting into a single application.

We would be happy to offer you such service. Please note that such projects may require months of development and a suitable budget.

Custom trading platform features

Here is the list of possible features for your trading platform:

  • Charting. If you require a visualization of your market data we can implement basic charting support. Please note that the implementation of charting takes about 80% of the whole development time, this is by far the most difficult feature to implement properly.
  • Custom order management. Tiered exits, nested stop-and-reverse orders, custom entries and trailing stops - let us know what you need and we will build it.
  • Multi symbol and multi time frame support. Use as much as 500 symbols simultaneously.
  • Market scanners. Create custom market scanners to identify profitable markets.
  • Advanced GUI. Control your trading platform with nice and clean GUI.
  • Reporting. Performance reports, activity reports, list of trades, etc, etc
  • Alerts and notifications. Visual alerts, audio alerts, email alerts and notifications, sms alerts and notifications.