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Get notified by email, sound, and text when NinjaTrader loses connection

Connection Status Alert

Receive visual, sound, and email notifications when NinjaTrader loses connection to market data or broker for more than X seconds.

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Connection Status Alert

Connection Status Alert $69.00

Receive visual, sound, and email notifications when NinjaTrader loses connection to market data or broker for more than X seconds.

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Every trader faces disconnections. If your are behind your desk then you at least can handle it. But what if you are away from your computer? You may not even know that something went wrong.

If you are running strategies while being away from your desk it is absolutely critical to know whether NinjaTrader is still connected to market data provider and broker or not.

Connection Status Alert will send you an email every time NinjaTrader disconnection time has been greater than the specified value in seconds. With Connection Status Alert you will always know if you NinjaTrader is connected.

Features summary

  • Email alert. Use either NinjaTrader built-in email capabilities or an alternative .NET email transport.
  • Sound alert. If needed, set audio alert that will be played every time connection status changes.
  • Visual alert. Custom-color notification will appear on chart every time connection status gets changed.
  • Minimal disconnect time. Sometimes short disconnects would not hurt: if you would like to ignore, say, all disconnects shorter than 30 seconds, you can do that.
  • Sms alert. Send an sms via email. This works as CC for email alert. If your carrier supports text via email you can get sms notifications on your phone.

Please note that technically Connection Status Alert is not an indicator but a strategy, because only strategies have an access to order connection status. Of course, it doesn't submit any orders, in fact it doesn't do anything except for monitoring NinjaTrader connection status.

So don't forget to enable the strategy, whether you use it with chart or without.

How to use

Set up the required parameters and enable the strategy. Remember, technically it's a strategy and not an indicator. So don't forget to enable it.

That's it!

Now you will receive notifications every time NinjaTrader connect status changes.

Here is a sample parameter set

  • EmailEnabled=True. We would like to receive alerts by email. Leave it False if you would not like to receive email notifications.
  • ConnectEmailSubject=NinjaTrader connected. The subject of the connection email.
  • DisconnectEmailSubject=NinjaTrader disconnected!. The subject of the disconnection email.
  • Email, where we would like to receive the notifications to.
  • This address will be shown as sender.
  • This an example for Verizon.
  • UseBuiltInEmail=False. Use .NET email transport instead of NinjaTrader built-in.
  • This an example for Gmail.
  • Port=587. This an example for Gmail.
  • Password=*****. Your password to Gmail account.
  • SoundEnabled=True. Play sound when connection status changes.
  • SoundFile=Alert1. This sound will be played on both connects and disconnects events.
  • VisualEnabled=True. Print connection status text on chart.
  • ConnectColor=Green. Chart text color for re-connects.
  • DisconnectColor=Red. Chart text color for disconnects.
  • MinDisconnectTime=60. If disconnection duration is less than 60 seconds then we ignore it and no alerts are send.
  • ShowLogo=True. You can set it to False you will.


  • This tool requires NinjaTrader version 7.
  • Make sure you have set up NinjaTrader's email settings if you would like to use NinjaTrader built-in email capabilities.


  1. Save the zip-file (no need to unzip) to the location of your choice

  2. Go to menu Control Center -> File -> Utilities -> Import NinjaScript...

  3. Select the saved zip-file in the opened dialog

  4. If everything is OK you will see a confirmation (otherwise an error will be displayed)

  5. Restart NinjaTrader and you are good to go!