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Strategy Development

We have been working several years in the industry and have implemented about a hundred of various automated trading systems. We do know exactly how a good trading system should look like.

Core Strategy Management

  • Entry types. Custom order types, timed entries, processing large number of entries at the same time.
  • Target and stop management. Custom targets, daily targets, tiered exits. Alternatively, use NinjaTrader Advanced Trade Management (ATM) strategy.
  • Position management. Trading sessions, trading hours, FIFO or LIFO positioning.
  • Risk management. Risk per trade, position sizing.

Multi Time Frame

Multi time frame strategies can be tricky to code properly. We know how to get them right: we coded tick-based strategies that worked with 100 instruments simultaneously! If you have questions about multiple symbol support in NinjaTrader please refer to our article "How many symbols a trading strategy can handle?"

User interface and drawings

Make your strategy feel like it's an organic part of NinjaTrader.

  • Chart buttons and toolbars. Add configurable buttons directly to chart or toolbar or create new ones.
  • Custom menu items. Add your specific menu actions into NinjaTrader context menu.
  • Arrows, circles, rectangles and diamonds. Add, hide, remove any kind of fully configurable drawing primitives to chart.
  • Multi colors. Change colors of standard NinjaTrader plots based on any set of conditions.
  • Price markers. Show interesting price levels with the desired color.
  • Order information and much more. PnL, account info, last orders, market data, configurable text or table, anything you can imagine.

Conditional alerts

Don't miss your trading signals, get notified on time! We can integrate your alerts into NinjaTrader Alerts window or they can be delivered to you by email or text message.

  • Email. An email is sent to you with a subject and message of your choice. You can get as many CC as you wish.
  • Text message. A text message is sent to your phone. Your carrier must be compatible. Standard messaging rates will apply.
  • Sound. Assign each alert its own sound, either on of the standard NinjaTrader sounds or your own.
  • Popup. A popup window will appear on screen, drawing your attention. Best when combined with sound.
  • Screenshot. A email is sent with a chart screenshot attached. This may be helpful in certain situations.

Please feel free to ask us a question or request a quote.